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First of all... We Indians didn't opt for Netflix because it is a costly affair and we like it cheap. Still companies like us because we're huge in numbers, so at the end of the day they churn profits easily. There are cheaper alternatives with bundled goodies ie Amazon Prime. Also, Netflix Iindia has recently dropped the prices, it'll take some time to reflect in numbers. The last thing indians care about is 'woke' bullshit. Most of people here when they see woke bullshit, they just think meh it's their culture and that's just it. We have our set criterion for being offended ie caste, religion etc. The 'woke' part isn't that. I hope Netflix understands this and bundles some extra goodies ie Netflix music or something like that, because we just don't like a good deal, we like robbing a grave deal.


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it sucks to have woke content, but its still better than trump supporter covidiot content


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If you don't like it, go make your own Netflix. No one forces you to watch Netflix or "woke Bullshit", as you call it, so you can simply fuck right off. I hate this attitude. It's their company, it's their decision, if you don't like it, too bad. The world doesn't revolve around you.


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Section and title change karne se post change nahi ho jata chutiye..


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Not even the us likes to deal with Netflix's BS.


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India and US is just the same, both shithole countries with broken system yet feels like the best.


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does this makes sense to people outside India?


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Nashe m h kya be jhatu


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Disney has recently done away with the woke BS, stating under no uncertainty terms that the customer and telling a good story comes first. I am mildly confident that we've seen the peak of this trend and that the next years will bring huge success to entertainment companies that decide to make their customers happy instead of just pushing agenda.


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*american liberals.


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