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Bullshit. If you make an error on your taxes the IRS has a sloooooow process to notify you, give you a chance to correct it, and work out a payment plan if needed. The only people going to jail are the idiots who INTENTIONALLY commit fraud when filing their taxes and the deadbeats who don't bother to pay what they owe. Basically, taxes are not at all complicated, the forms come with instructions, and there are hundreds of options to get help filing for free if you need it. Anyone still messing that up is just a fucking retard.

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More like IRS: tax time :) You: how much IRS: that's middle school math but if you struggle there's a free software for it You: but I don't get it :'3 IRS: I know just the firm of accountants perfect to help you. They're super nice they financed both political parties for the past deacdes. Great guys ;) ;)

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is doing your taxes a problem in the us? In Germany i hack everything into the tax software and instantly see how much I get back…or have to pay.

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should apply to anyone. like trump, his kin, his parents, fans, enemies. just anyone.

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Meanwhile in Australia for a single income worker: ATO: Tax time You: how do I do that? ATO: Already done, you have to declare how much you did on the year in the myGov portal. Btw Done as well, you just have confirm the data and add if anything is missing. You: okay. /Goes to a tax accountant to squeeze the max tax return possible and get the accountant fees returned next year/

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The IRS is the one people that the joker refuses to deal with

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In Hungary: Tax authority: Tax time Me: How much? Tax authority: Exactly this and that. You agree? Me: Yes. Do I owe anything now? Tax authority: Nah, it was already covered by the advance payments, you're good. Meg: Ok, thanks. Tax authority: Ok, see you next year.

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If I sell hot dogs from a cart for a living, the IRS has no idea how much I make or how much tax I owe. Neither does it know all the deductions I'm eligible for. Tax filing exists for a reason.

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IRX could've just send bills to pay and that's it. And if you have something to add here some online form for you, pal. But no, we need army of accountants to feed and freedom of spending huge amount of time for americans.

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Anyone working for thr IRS should be beaten to death with rusty mining equipment.


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