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What's your favorite incantation?


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Vaati vidya, is that you?


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The lore is basically Dark souls: There was a great artefact called first fla.... I mean elden ring that gave gods control over the land and all people living there, but then it started burning ou.... I mean somebody shattered it and everyone got insane, but you are playing for the chosen undea.... I mean the Tarnished one, who is not affected and can revive after death and it is up to you to rekindle the first fla.... I mean mend the elden ring. But at least you become a lord after you do this, instead of just burning like in dark souls, so yaaaay.


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Have you ever heard of Warhammer 40k? If I tried to introduce the general timeline it would take me 6 hrs. Then I could talk about Krieg for at least 1 hr, the Chaos gods for 3-5hrs, Necrons for 2 hrs, about that one guardsman who told Horus to fuck off, orks for 4-5hrs, cry about the fall of cadia, what are the Mechanicus and how cool they are, the difference between imperial knights and imperial titans, what are Tyranids and how fucking scary they are, the assassins of the imperium, the nuclear option for assassination, the Omnissiah and the machine god are actually two different things, harlequins are crazy clowns, and....


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I'm a simple guy, I see Beavis and/or Butt-head, I upvote!