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I don't know about others but my hungarian grandparents and great grandparents do miss those times and say things were much better back then. I personally have no support for it whatsoever but just thought to mention and wonder if anyone else's relatives say similar things

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leftists in the west dont have any idea what living under communism means. Because they live in countries where they are upper class people. Who for some reason believe that they are on the "Working class" peoples side. Even if they themselves dont really do anything that actualy helps society. Because they arent the working class. That keep the country alive. They are the upper class people who do hardly any work and earn 10 or 20 times more money than anyone else. And then spend most of their time bored and naive.Then they find this utopian lie and believe it. ALl whille they claim they are highly educated people. But they are so out of touch that they dont even spent 5 minutes to good HISTORY and see just how bad every single time it has been when communism and socialism has been implemented in a country.Death, death and more death.Whille the people up top were the richest people there was.But not the others."Tax the rich""Take from the rich".. They dont get how much they would lose

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Explation? are they eayingits a good thing or a bad thing

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So, if capitalism sucks, and so does communism, what alternative does that leave you?

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Under communism, society was simple and less stressful than we have now, so there is that.

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Just think about it this way: when the Berlin Wall was destroyed, to which side did people run to?

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I mean, if you hadn't surrendered to the nazis like pussies, you wouldn't had been invaded by Russia. Maybe be less like the french next time.

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There are some Eastern European countries that *do* have nostalgia for those times. Obviously, this is coming from older people, a generation with a different mindset which most of the youth do not share. For a lot of us, the plethora of problems associated with communism are clear and have no place in the modern world. But for those that didn't have access to the Internet? Everyone had a job. Housing was cheap. Everyone's neighbors were workers and had relatable lives/stories. Communities were everywhere and people socialized within them a lot. Sure, luxuries were basically non-existent for a vast majority of people. It was hard to get a car. And the higher ups in basically all sectors and government were ridiculously corrupt and abused their power in whichever way they wanted. And yet everyone had a job, a place to live, food to eat and it wasn't hard to start a family. As long as you didn't look too closely, one could easily take this for a simple, but happy life.

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Ukraine is not a country...