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I love how everybody here says it's OPs fault. Yeah, 100%, females are always perfect

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We don't know the whole story. I just hope u two find a solution and happiness. Not just for you two, but for the kids too.

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Either she has found a guy, or gonna "live, laugh, love" until she found one

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Well, first step is to talk to her. You need to know why she doesn't love you anymore. Is it attractiveness? Is it psychological? Is it behavior? Is it neglect? Make it clear that you want her to be completely honest, otherwise you can't take steps to make it better. If it is your behavior, then you need to adapt it. Relationships are always changing and you need to adapt with it. Show her how much she and the children mean to you and that you're serious about changing for them. If it's attractiveness, you know what to do. If it's other problems, be prepared to go to couple's therapy together. Or if it is your own problems, go to therapy yourself.

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It’s not about you . Put up with her till they’re 20 and go get a sugar baby

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What did you expect if you never showed her how much you love her?

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Been there (8years in my case) We separated for 3 months, and got back together. Never ever have I made a worse decision in my life than that. And trust me, I'm the king in stupid ideeas. But getting back together with my ex wife was my personal record. So my advice: live your life bro. Take care of your kids. And never ever think about her again.

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Just tell ther that the guy she is having a affair with will not bring her the happyness she things he will bring, she will get bored with him in 1-2years and than she will leave him or he will leave her and she will have destroyed the family for nothing

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We were together for 7 years. Then married 2015. We worked like the best team. We found solutions for every single problem. But with all the work you have with 4 kids i just forgot to buy her flowers for example. Often the day was too stressful so that i just wanted to do nothing but chill.

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My friend once told me that after marriage it's no longer about love, but more like how to work together maintaining household. If she doesn't love you, it's fine, as long as your kids have meal on dining table..


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