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Sounds more difficult than it looks, from one’s perspective its easy to think that you are making the correct decisions and other people/external factors are the one’s preventing your success. Even more if you get the correct answer but don’t know how to change it or are incapable of changing it.


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When I start asking that question, it quickly goes into the direction of an overpopulated world and mass murder to solve that issue,.. so I rather dont ask that question anymore.


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Minced feats


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99% never ask this question... They prefer not to self reflect because they already know they fucked up but ignore it.. Hence the state of the world and society today...


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This freaking guy is always hitting home so hard, im just sitting here minding my own business on the edge of my bed! Maybe its finally time to turn this sinking shitreck of a life into the wind and do something positive.


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Oh I know, I just happen to like those things quite a lot.


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I once respected this man for what he was saying. But now he keeps losing focus. As if the world was simple that by a little mindset change everything falls in place for you. In my opinion life is 30% circumstances, 40% yourself, and 30% pure luck being there at the right place and right time.


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i could get everything that's under my control 100% right and my life would still be shit due to things i can't control so that's why i gave up i'm not going to train myself to suffer through this just for the sake of surviving it's not worth it, no amount of motivational shit is going to change that, good advice for most people but don't even @ me with this shit


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The drug addict is speaking.


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Did I just get insulted by Mr Peterson? "God only knows how"! What a prick!


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