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Fighting streamfather picks a step while drinking.


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Captain here. -That happened years ago. -The steamer are paying a rent to live in that house. -The only reason, according to him, that he doesn't move is to protect his mother. Even tho, the stupid mother keep staying with that violent dickhead. -In the incident, he end up beating his drunk-ass stepfather and got a brief ban from streaming because of that.


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Hmmm… I’m not sure what to think. I guess the stepdad is a moron, but the hair style and the beard of the streamer indicates douchebagness too.


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who won?


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Why do you post something like this? Why do you upvote something like this? Why do you masturbate to something like this?


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Big man streamer grow up and move out.


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streamer keeps cam on for more attention - hoping it gets him more dicks to suck in the future


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man what's with 9gag being filled with boomers nowadays, i'm looking at comments and they are mostly disssing the streamer, and it's not the first post like this in these past weeks if he pays to live there he has a right to do what he wants and his father is in the wrong, if not and the streamer is a douche than it's on him as well, if he doesn't earny any money than its fulll on the streamer's fault. stop saying it's just one side's fault without checking wether or not that's true, and for all you boomers out there thinking it''s easy to move out, unless you have a steady income job you won't be able to go into a rented place, yet alone a new home especially nowadays, stop making it sound easy cuz its not and it's more about luck than skills and money, i work full time for double the minimum wage and i need to work at least 10 years to be able to afford the current lowest priced hosue available on the market in my area without a mortgage, and that doesn't include living costs


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Like my asshole stepfather many years ago... Sweet memorys


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It looks fake af.