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i'm in this picture and i don't get it


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Dude, I lost some nice chicks to my “pure god will”…. I totally feel ya


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So it was an ID-10T error


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My wife tells me most men are clueless about things like this. I tend to believe her.


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A pretty girl at a party ones asked me to walk her home. My drunk as being told as a kid never to let a girl walk home alone. So I walked with her to her home. Her "you wanna come inside and warm up a little?" (It was winter) Me:" nah I really wanna get back to the party I'll heat up there". Needless to say I am still allowed on 9gag


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I used to work with a hot music composer, once she invited me for a project at her home and told it's really important but when we started working I was thinking that I could do this shit at my home and she knows it and it was nothing, we finished the project in just 5 to 10 minutes, and I was dumb enough to not understand her hints. F.u.c.K.


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No, girls don't want you.


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How about to just say you want to smash instead of encoding the message in a soup of subjectivity?


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It was 2003. A girl(very beautiful) asked me to go to her house to fix her winamp. Yes...fix her winamp. I went there, saw that it's working, and started to do some checks on hdd, on OS, updates, drivers, even started an antivirus scan. Meanwhile she was behind me, "trying new dresses" and I, as a gentleman that I was, never peeked at her while changing and just told her every time that it's fine. 2 weeks later it hit me. And my friends hit me too...they found out because she talked to one girl that was the sister of my best friend that I am a nerd and I work out for nothing if I only use my brain for computers. Don't you think that this was the only time it happened something similar. Of course I am now an IT specialist...and the girl that I am with for 4 years... told me the same, that I REALLY don't see the signs fast enough but she was patient. Anyway... we are gaming together...which is nice. And she's a really smart girl...a medic. I don't know why she likes me.


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Maam I do my own plumbing!