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I dont mind if they change the race since the race of the fairy is not the main point of the story. But, they shouldve made her an eye candy. Shes not attractive at all.

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but im already a racist

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No. They created this fake racism idea as a means of promoting their movie. The issue isn't race.

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Fairy was never a lead role. Fairies aren't real so the color of the character doesn't really matter? Also, you're probably racist. Lol

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disney used to be racist, but that was a time long ago. disney is now just a self cock sucking company like all the others but you know what, it was better when it was racist because people didn't give a shit about that, they just enjoyed the movies. now these sensitive pricks can't just shut the fuck up and go watch a movie without complaining about how a white character is now black. disney didn't create a race issue, people developed mental disorders from too much ego stroking on social media. go make purchase the rights to a movie and make it with the original fucking white people if you're so butthurt about the race change or maybe just stop looking at everything as white and brown. it's like those are the only two colors you see in a movie with every color of the rainbow. are trees black and brown to you? what about the sky?

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I am happy I simply don't have the capacity to care about casting decisions in children's movies. Like..... it doesn't even register to me. I simply couldn't imagine genuinely being offended about something as trivial as this, but hey, maybe I am a more well adjusted adult than many. It must be exhausting to constantly get offended by shit like this.....

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The ceo has a they them homo child, so no she wants half new characters to be they them homos.

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I don't get why this is so problematic. Hollywood has taken lots of stories and has americanised them: like turning nordic gods into super-heros, or turning foreign heros into americans (for example the last samurai was inspired from a french officer). This has never caused any outrage. But the moment they do it with black people, you guys start acting crazy. So yeah, that's kind of racist don't you think?

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They just want us to talk about it.