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Wow, nosy, petty and an attention-whore. The absolute trifecta of false superiority.

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revenge is a dish best served cold And I mean ice-cream cold

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Until the fine is % of income, rich people get to park wherever they want, it just costs a bit extra.

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Do not see any marking that indicate that it is a reserved parking spot. I would probably tell him to go fuck himself as well and then sue for illegal towing.

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Well, if the car parked where the tour vehicles were supposed to park as well it can't be in a no parking zone, and if he still called the tow truck, chances are he's gotta pay for it by himself, and for the impounding as well. Except if it's on private property of course, but it doesn't look like that either.

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Not sure where this is, but for him to even have been able to have successfully towed the tesla means two things: 1) He was able to provide enough evidence for the tow company to legally tow the car. 2) Most buildings with a front facing entrance have street side parking that can be either public or reserved for that specific address, as well as a parking garage offered in most cases as well. With this being a venue for a concert, this space is most likely either reserved parking specifically for tour buses, VIP, Valet, Etc etc. So yes the Venue Manager is within his right to tow, assuming he owns these spaces or has the proper documentation to prove these spaces are reserved.

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If it is forbidden to park there, there have to be a sign for it. If it is forbidden to park there because you want your vehicle or your company's vehicle to park there, you're being entitled bitch. Calling a tow just because you're an entitled bitch makes you a karen. Looking for support and justification on the internet for being a karen, well.... i dunno. Tiktoker?

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almost standard where I live, even the tow truck calls you, if you park illegally.

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That awd is going to be fucked


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