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The cycle of a project manager: - set an unrealistic deadline for a project - request unecessary changes throughout the project, causing the need to start over - released the work to meet the unrealistic deadline with minimum / without quality check - blame the team for failing to meet the client's expectations - repeat

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Jesus, that hits close to home

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6 years ago, in a meeting regarding my work: Customer: How many days do you think it will take? Me: About 3 days for me, another 4 days for calculations team support. Total 7 days if calculation team is available. Manager interjects: We'll do it in 5 days. I'll speak with the calculation team to make sure they have resources. 1 day later: Finish your job in 1 day, calculation team is going to need more time. They are overloaded. Me to Manager: Next time, you're not going to be invited to meetings regarding my work. You will receive work details and timelines once the customer, calculation team and I have agreed on it. I haven't included my manager in technical meetings for a few years now. I have been lucky to be very straight forward with him regarding this stuff since the beginning. Now he doesn't interfere just asks for updates. The way it is supposed to be. I hope some of you can push for this. It has helped me a lot.