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and that fight v Vader, glorious though it was, was wasted on her


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It matters a lot where you get stabbed.


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( Spoiler Alert !!!) That character had some potential but they turned her into an idiot sandwich, sneaking up on Darth Vader, what could possibly go wrong.


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Maul survived because the fans loved him too much so I have no idea why the others survived


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Didn't someone already explained that people on the dark side cling onto life so much that they pretty much survive stuff that should kill people easily. Just look at Darth Maul. He lost half of his body and still srurvived. While Jedi pretty much just give up and accept their death, thats why they usually end up as force ghost or whatever.


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Her character is absolutely fucking pointless! god dammit, it could've been a decent series, but they needed to divert our attention to this stupid character


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*The show was garbage. I still need to hate-watch the last episode, but Goshdarnit does the 5th is strange. /!\ Spoiler: /!\ I don't get the deal. Obi and inquisitrice made a deal to get Vader here and kill him. why would she let him escape ? How in Hell did they bet on that decoy and Vader didn't just blew the second one ? The overall CG at this points are so bad it feels like a hasty reshoot/rework because executive weren't happy or something. But let's talk about Vader vs Inquisitrice. It felt like a fan film, with a fast Vader and "showing off" unarmed. It felt so off. It's nothing like what we saw in 4-5-6 or Rogue One. The absolute imposite unit of Vader, impressive because he doesn't flinch. I was really expecting Vader to just force choke her when she tried to sneak attack, and kill her slowly with her lightsaber manipulated by the force, or something cruel and intimidating like that. No unnecessary choregraphy. Just Vader being an absolute implacable Evil incarnate.


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Well, he got a stabbed in the center of the chest, close to the heart.


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As Jedi he simply let go and didn't not cling to life. That's what Vader did, for example.


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A shit show with no script, no self respect and no sense what so ever.