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Kotick doesn't get his yachts and private planes by being an honest game developer/publisher. If it brings money, it doesn't matter how scummy it is. So look forward to the LegendaryAwesome1Hit pack for Diablo 4, yours for only 69.99$! Gives you all the gear you need to win the game. Pre-purchase to also get the intern horse mount that some inter slave made, production cost 0 because slaves are cheap

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Hack and slash peaked with Diablo 2. Every genre has an optimum beyond which more gameplay, more mechanics, more weapons, more enemies, more characters, more graphics, more pixels, more anything won't improve the genre anymore.

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thats what happend

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That applies to diablo 4 aswell for coming 70€.... Not gonna buy until it is ob a big sale

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You laugh at them... But they made 2mil a day on microtransactions with that game... A DAY It aint the companies... Its us

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It amazes me how much money some people are willing to spend on games. Maybe I'm too poor to understand why would you spend insane amounts of money for colors and pixels. If I buy a game, I wanna play that shit without buying anything else.

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I work in games on an upcoming title, and we do semi regular publisher playtests, I've asked production if the CEO/head of the publisher tried or even seen the game properly. The answer was "no, they have other people play it for them, they're not games people they're business people". So yeah just based off that I think it's safe to assume Kotick has 0 idea what a video game is

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He wasn’t wrong though? They make 2 mill a day of that game

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I haven't played a new game in years, if I do play something it doesn't cost more than 10€ on Steam or GOG and doesn't generally have microtransactions or achievements. But from what I see the industry is completely different than what we grew up on, and it's crazy competitive, that's why they're trying to get money from you any way they can. Back then you had like a few major say FPS games, now you search for a Nordic medieval survival zombie horror sandbox game and you have 156 different games, and YouTube showing guys making a game like this in under 10 hours as a challenge, including a few that use exclusively ChatGPT to write the code that they just copy paste.

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Blizzard used to be expensive but you paid for absolute impeccable quality in every aspect. Now it's just expensive.


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