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the problem is one person trying to give him way. you shouldn't just do that on multi-lane roads for this exact reason

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There are 2 comments as of now, and both of them say the guy recording would be the stupid one. Now I know why I always get mad when I have to drive.....

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Learn how to build proper infrastructure please

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The fault is with the truck but they are both unattentive droids. Despite the fact the blue car was there they both have seen each other, white truck should have been less aggressive with his turning until he made sure car with camera stopped and car with camera had clear view of truck starting his turn which he did not care for. But morons but fault is technically on the white truck’s part. But hey, I am sure it was worth the +1 hour to get to their destination, all the stress and keeping everyone else up instead of being a less aggressive prick.

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Idiot driving did not realize the driver on the lane next to him stopped, and regardless what are the signs he should've stopped as well

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The guy driving this car should have noticed that the blue car had stopped and that there could be a potential traffic hazard. But nope, decided to assume everything was clear. Definitely the white trucks fault but this could have been avoided if this drive was more attentive and knew how to drive defensively instead of like a robot on autopilot

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Who is the idiot here?

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Even if you have right of way, you should be alert for anything. Sure, the other guy is at fault for ignoring the stop sign, but clinging to your right of way isn't worth trashing your car. It's better to let the idiots pass and keep an eye on them, even if it means sacrificing 2 seconds of your time.

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Just where was the truck going to go? It's not even clear in the lane he needs to go! Dash cam car probably though on coming traffic was heavy so no one from the right was going to try taking it with a full lane of traffic to its left

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Guys with tiny penis mobiles don’t have to follow the same road laws as everyone else.


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