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Friendly reminder that, in the US as this lady was, the National Labor Relations Act protects your right to discuss your salary with whoever you want in whatever form you want, regardless of whatever bullshit rule your company tries to enforce.

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Guess what, all salaries in Norway are public information. You can look up anyone in a registry for about 1 month every year. (you have to log in and look them up, and they are notified about who has checked their information). It works great, companies can't bullshit people into accepting shit pay or accept stupid high salaries for managers.

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Who wants to bet the rest of the employees there are under paid.

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I looked more into it and things don't add up. All parties seem to be aware that firing someone over them publicly sharing their salary is illegal (her video was about how her taxes increased when her salary jumped from 70k to 90k). She managed to get her old job back and doesn't plan on suing her former workplace, a lawsuit that, on the surface, she would easily win. This leaves me with 2 possible scenarios - she either took a fat severance deal with an ironclad NDA, or she had other infringements that she was on thin ice for and this was just the final straw.

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She should get a lawyer, normally you cannot be fired for discussing your salary. I would imagine this applies to social media too.

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I would sue the shit out of that company

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So anal about talk involving pay. All to fucking keep the worker drones blind

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Love it how a lot of Western cultures consider it 'rude' to talk about money. An English friend asked us why Serbs talk about money all the time. It's rude in the UK, etc. My friend answered: We're poor. You're not. But thinking about it, it goes deeper. The only people who don't openly talk about their salaries here are the ones who KNOW they have good salaries compared to most people. No wonder people figured this out and made a whole system around it. If you're not allowed to discuss your salary with colleagues or other people, it means you're getting fucked in the ass without knowing.

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I would fire her for having tik tok only

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She should sue, unless there was some sort of NDA in the contract couldn't this fall under wrongful termination?