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yes because there are no EVs below 100k. are you retarded op?

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The point is that you don’t have freedom of movement

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I love how the gov encouraged us to buy electric cars and electric heating just before the price of electricity doubled. What are the odds?

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All Chevrolet bolts from 2017-2020 have a recall on them for faulty batteries when parked, so they're all being updated with a brand new battery pack and motor. There were 300 of them at a local Chevrolet auction, and I got one with super light hail damage and 30k miles for $15000 total +$4000 rebate from the gov, it's an $11k car. With 0 miles on the 66kwh battery pack and the 200hp motor. Range is 270 miles and I've tested it to be effective. I've driven 3k miles at about 2c/mile because I get free charging at work. I was paying $4.5/gallon of 93 octane gas at about 17mpg in my mustang. Electricity total was maybe $70 while the gas would've cost me $800 minimum. What I'm saving every month pays for the car payment and some of the insurance, I'm basically getting this car for free

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Actually, last year I did some calculation before buying a new car. It turns out that the price difference between an electric or hybrid car and a regular benzine car is more than enough to cover 10 years of benzine at double of today's price. More specific, my car was 25k euro, the cheapest hybrid of the same class was over 45k, full electric much more. So, I got roughly 200 euro a month from the price difference for the next 10 years, today I spend like 100 euro a month for benzine.

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Big IQ move

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There are EVs that cost less than that amount so your argument is making yourself look stupid, but I understand it. I had a buddy who bought a second-hand Tesla and it was all fun and games until the battery started dying early despite the indicator saying 30%+. Tesla charged 15k to repair it like what the fuck? Just watch out guys

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There is a pressure all over the world, in all countries, to push us toward these stupid and expensive EV. A 300 miles travel will need to add a 45 mn charge time to finish your trip. Plus if you ever have to change the battery of an EV, count around 10.000$ at the least. And I wonder if any country has the energetic capacity to charge millions of EV at the same time.

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is there any context or is this just 'future bad, me want oil' bitching?


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