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How do you professionally say: My female colleague wearing a white shirt and black above-knee skirt makes my ding dong want to sing the love song inside her vagina hole?

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Wait, is she Dani Daniels? Start searching for a job?

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it doesn't matter how "professional" you're, they will fire your ass after they don't like your response without using all these fancy words

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Why should I have to speak in a certain manner with certain word so the employer doesn't get butthurt? He is offending me by asking me to work for free. Why should I respond kindly to that?

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This corporate jargon was created by the devil himself.

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Do it like us Dutch. Don't wrap it up in a bullshit story and just say it. "I don't want to attend the meeting, because I think it is useless." The professional way, is the most honest and efficient way. Remember our prime minister saying "no" to Donald Trump? I work partially with foreign people and I had to learn to adapt a bit, because I ended up in all sorts of conflicts. People thinking that I was rude or unfriendly while I just said that their idea was shit, while it was shit. When people think my idea is shit, I expect nothing less than people saying it is shit. Be honest, be upfront, be like the Dutch.

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Well, the whole content of this video is supposed to be his clever, corpo-answers. So this is what this video is about. Him. The dude SHE is talking to. Because he is clever and she only asks questions. So someone please tell me, except for the obvious answers, why the fuck is she 100% on the screen, and her reactions to what he says. This literally has nothing to do with her, fucking Siri could read those questions outloud. And she gets all the credit for answer she has nothing to do with, just acting she's surprised is what we get. Im getting old fellas, I can't stand this shit internet more and more

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I find people who beat around the bush like this most unprofessional. It's a shadow of a yes-man culture, where valid (and thereby constructive) criticism isn't welcome, or people don't actually want to be productive and get some fucking shit done.

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To the loo

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I ducking hate her facial expressions when she confirms and agrees with the dude, like ffs just nod, you don't have to acknowledge like it is the hottest thing you heard